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Our belief is to make dentures both inexpensive and accessible. From creating a new set to repairing an old one, we provide a same-day repair and we do our best to give your best winning smile that you need.


Tooth extraction is a common and simple procedure to help with your tooth pain needs. We offer painless and safe procedure because your comfort is our top priority.


Prevention is the key to having better and healthier teeth. Prophylaxis can prevent the need for a expensive dental treatment, such as a tooth filling or gum disease treatment. Trust your teeth in our hands!

Patient Information Security

The Privacy Information of your clients is in good hands. Login to the software to browse through patients, tooth charts, appointments and inventory.

Never miss another paper clutter again!

Scroll through Appointments

Browse through appointments by day, week or monthly and see which doctors are assigned for a specific patients.

Patients and Schedules are manageable by a simple quick of a button.

Paperless Toothcharting

Go green by using our online tooth chart. Record, set conditions and put wishlist on the tooth of the patients.

This way you’re not only saving the environment but also your patients dental history!

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